New Toilet Tissue Caddy

I like to design and build pieces that bring beauty into people’s daily lives. While not the “trophy” piece of household furniture this tissue caddy is a necessity for anyone wanting to bring a little elegance and style into their bathroom. This space saving caddy is made from curly maple and holds up to four rolls of tissue paper.

New & Improved Wall Hanging Bookshelf

I tweaked the original design just a bit to make it easier to hang on the wall. This version has keyhole slots routed into the back that are extremely sturdy and easy to use.

Given the timing of the year I think the design is fitting. I sculpted the ends of the shelf supports to mimic a flock of flying geese.


Recently Completed Harvest Bed

This is a custom bed design I made for some good friends that I really like. They wanted a refined rustic look with a high headboard and a footboard that was below the top of the mattress. This footboard height if very popular for people who don’t like feeling boxed in at the end of the bed. This king was made with maple, stained in Walnut and has a gel urethane topcoat.


Booth at the 32nd annual Laudholm Crafts Festival

I met a lot of nice people this past weekend at the Laudholm crafts festival in Wells, ME. The weather was a little iffy at first but it turned out to be a really nice weekend overall. It was my first time at this really well done festival and one I think I would do again. It’s a lot of work getting the pieces and booth put together but people seem to really enjoy getting to see my pieces up close.unnamed

Recently Completed Custom Sculpted Console Table

I made this sculpted console table for a nice client in Maryland. She wanted a custom length, width and height that worked well with my existing design. She also asked for the table to be done in White Oak with a “limed” finish. I used lime wax to achieve the slightly white washed look and top coated with natural danish oil and hand rubbed gel urethane.

Recently Completed Custom Waste Basket

This is a custom waste basket I made out of curly maple. It’s very similar to my original design with a few twists. My client wanted a place to hang a plastic bag so I installed four wooden tabs to suit his needs. He also wanted me to bevel the inside top edge of the waste basket. I really liked how this tweak changed the overall design as it makes the top more floral like.

2019-03-17 22.28.29-1

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